sophita 1 by *Shaiel* on Flickr.

omg I totally need to reblog this bc it’s one of the very first bjds I’ve seen in my life and I love it and I’d been looking for it for over a year now :D I thought it’s some volks baby, so I’m more than happy to see it’s actually something I can afford (so not volks xD).


I really want to go to a doll meet at Otakon, but I only have one doll who is a ResinSoul with the default faceup. She is her own character who I think is pretty well developed, and she has cute clothes, but I’m still scared that people will judge me because of my newness and doll. :/


Oh man… not another one - if you hate the brand of your doll so much then why did you get it in the first place? Did you get a Resinsoul just to shit on it and create more drama? Shouldn’t you have saved up for a MNF… srsly…

I doubt if people will judge you bc of your doll, unless they are such elitists as you yourself. If you weren’t, you’d love your doll and didn’t say such shit about the company!

It doesn’t fuckin matter where you bought it but what you do with it - Put a Soom or IHouse in a messy wig and take an up-chin shot and it’ll look like crap too, and just because most people who are beginners get themselves bobobie/resinsouls bc that’s the only thing they’re initially able to afford and ON THEIR OWN these people make the poor dolls look like crap, and that’s where the infamous opinion comes from btw, it doesn’t mean that the dolls are worse!

Google what some skilled people do with them and see on your own - if you put a good faceup, non-messy wig and some cute clothes and also if you learn how to photograph their faces (which, undoubtedly are quite characteristic) the doll may look really wonderful! Just stop shitting on them without any particular reason! Instead of whining, why don’t you prove with yout doll that RS/BBB are just as cool as any other brands ffs!!! Gosh!

Sometimes I just want to buy the same Rsoul I used to have (and sold for personal/religious/inspirational reasons) again and make something cute out of it just to say: ‘See? if you want to you can do it! See??? As cute as any damn MNF if you only spent some time on it!!!

<don’t mean to be rude, okay, just explicit bc I’m fed up with all the hate on these dolls! especially when it comes from their owners!>

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